What is a ‘Microchip’?

A microchip is the tiny computer chip enclosed in a bio-compatible glass, similar to that used in a human pace-maker, which is why it is not rejected by the animal’s body. Each microchip has its own unique 15 digit number assigned to the transformer. The standard microchip is smaller than a grain of rice and the new Mini Microchips are even smaller. They are designed for all animals under 15kg. A microchip once implanted in to an animal is provides a permanent identification.

How does the microchip work?

A transformer is simply the tiny electronic device encapsulated in bio-compatible glass used to store an identification number. Once implanted, transformers cannot be lost, altered or become worn like an external collar tag.

A microchip scanner will interrogate the transponder for its unique chip number allocated to the animal.

The Microchipping procedure

The Mobile Microchipping Service will only implant healthy animals. We care about the animal’s well-being.

Microchip implantation does not require any anesthetic and is no more painful than a routine vaccination and above all is safe.

The needle is inserted just between the shoulder blades, in order for the microchip to rest in the apex of the scapular area. The implanter gun used by The Mobile Microchipping Service makes it impossible for the needle to go in too far. Each needle is pre-loaded with a microchip in a sterile setting ensuring each animal has its own needle.

Many animals will not bleed at all, those that do will stop within a few seconds. The microchip fuses with the animal’s body tissue and stays in position.

Having your pet microchipped causes minimal trauma, unlike tattoos that can be painful and are more complex to apply, these can fade, are often difficult to read due to skin colouration and hair growth. Unscrupulous dealers can even alter a tattoo and removing a name tag on a collar is simple.

Implanting a microchip is done in a matter of seconds. It’s the paperwork that takes the longest to complete!

petlog and Europetnet

Once you have had your pet microchipped, a certificate will be posted to you directly from petlog. petlog is the largest National Pet Identification Scheme in the UK with over 6 million members.

petlog also works alongside Europetnet (a European version) which means your pets are covered across Europe, a bonus if you take them with you. They have to be microchipped to travel so make sure the implanter uses petlog.

Sadly more recently dogs have been “stolen/gone missing” and some do leave the country, by using The Mobile Microchipping Service together with petlog/Europetnet should this happen to your pet they are traceable should they be abandoned or appear at a veterinary practice in Europe.

petlog database is accessible 24 hours a day 7days a week on

0844 633 999

for lost animals.

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